(Photo: FIH)

The project ‘Promotion Indian Hockey ‘of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) in cooperation with the Indian Hockey Confederation,  the Indian Olympic Association and Olympic Solidarity goes into the next phase.

After a series of over 40 meetings with a variety of stakeholders and a study of submitted documentation, the appointed project leader Bob Davidzon (NED) has identified 14 ‘areas of concern’ from international to grass roots level covering the Indian Hockey Confederation as well as the Indian Hockey Federation and the Indian Women Hockey Federation.

The report has been submitted to the three bodies mid November 2006 and includes suggestions for addressing the areas of concern. As soon as their Executive Board(s) can identify themselves with these proposals and commit themselves to allocate people and other relevant resources to assist in addressing them, the project will go into second gear immediately.

Strategic options will then be discussed and evaluated and will form the basis of an overall long term plan and specific shorter term action plans.