5th Women's Pan American Junior Championship - Day 2

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Trinidad & Tobago 8 defeated Dominican Republic 0
Goals: Trinidad & Tobago – Alana Lewis 10m, Kristen Thompson 19m 35m 44m, Racine Chandler 28m, Krizia Layne 50m, Tonis-Marie James 52m Charlene Williams 68m

Argentina 4 defeated Chile 0
Goals: Argentina – Nadia Silva 12m, Carla Rebecchi 25m, Ines Garmendia 40m, Yanina Garcia 45m

Mexico 2 defeated Jamaica 0
Goals: Mexico – Beatriz Guzman 62m, Michel Navarro 65m

USA 6 defeated Barbados 0
Goals: Katie Grant 4m 21m, Lauren Crandell 22m 47m, Katie O’Donnell 38m 70m

Canada 8 defeated Bermuda 0
Goals: Canada – Thea Culley 3m 32m 63m, Megan Anderson 7m, Jessica Denys 31m 49m 53m 61m

Uruguay 7 defeated Puerto Rico 0
Goals: Uruguay – Veronica Dupont 4m 49m, Federica Ibarra 16m, Florencia Mondelli 26m, Stefania Mondelli 31m, Maria Algorta 51m, Soledad Lecueder 57

Report by Sherlan Cabralis, PAHF Media Officer

While the Pan American region was either sleeping or having their first cup of coffee, the Trinidad & Tobago and Dominican Republic teams were on the hockey field warming up an hour before their 7:30am match. The “Trini” ladies bounced back from their 8-0 defeat against Argentina by overrunning the Dominicans by the same scoreline. Trinidad & Tobago’s Kristin Thompson registered her first hat trick of her international hockey career.

In the following game, the South American giants of hockey did not disappoint the spectators as they displayed excellent one-on-one skills, good teamwork and the physical fitness to execute at full speed. At the end of the match it was the Argentines, who confirmed that they are the defending champs with a 4-0 victory over neighbour Chile.

During the closely contested match between Mexico and Jamaica, Mexico displayed a high level of ball control, while the Jamaican’s tenacity and never give up attitude made it a memorable match. Jamaica’s captain, Shakeela Elliott, led her team by being instrumental in all attacking and defensive plays. It was unfortunate for the Jamaicans, when in the 62nd minute of the game; a penalty stroke was awarded, after a dangerous tackle in the penalty circle. Jamaica went down to Mexico 2-0.

The USA continues to show that discipline for structure will reap the benefits, as they defeated Barbados 6-0. The Bajan ladies were not a walk-over, as they challenged the Americans throughout the encounter.

In the game that followed, Canadian’s central defender, Jessica Denys, executed their penalty corners by using the drag flick, a skill normally seen on the senior level. Denys scored four goals to give her team an 8-0 victory over the Bermudians, who preferred to hit the ball in whichever direction they were facing. It was not the best display for the game or sportsmanship.

Unlike Bermuda, Puerto Rico played the game of hockey by attempting to make passes, during the few times they had possession against Uruguay. However, Uruguay dominated play and defeated their host 7-0 in the final match of the day.