(Photo: FIH)

Umpire Miao Lin made Chinese umpiring history today as she was awarded the prestigious Golden Whistle nod for 100 international matches. Not only is she the 34th women’s umpire to receive the honour but she is also the first Chinese umpire, in men's or women's hockey, to reach the century mark. It seemed fitting that a game between Pan American rivals Argentina and USA would showcase Miao Lin’s experience.

During the match, which Miao Lin umpired with Australia's Lisa Roach, a situation arose, that despite their many years of experience, neither umpire had encountered before – a person dressed as a Panda ran onto the pitch. "I thought it was Kung Foo Panda," laughed Miao Lin later.

Pandas aside, Miao Lin's international umpiring career began in 2005 and it took a little over a year for Miao Lin to move up to become a Grade 1 international umpire. With the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics under her belt, it was no surprise that Miao Lin was invited onto the World Panel in July 2013.

After The Hague, Miao Lin will have bagged two World Cups after her 2010 appearance in Rosario. Add on the fact that she has umpired at six Champions Trophy events, making her debut at the 2007 event in Quilmes, Argentina.

"It was a fitting game to umpire," said Lin, "It was exciting and a real showcase for women's hockey."

Her colleague on the day, Lisa said: "Not only is she my colleague, but she is one of my best friends. I wanted so badly to umpire Maio Lin's 100th cap because I am retiring after the World Cup so this will be our last game together. She is such a fantastic person and we have already shed a few tears today."

Career Highlights: 

2 Olympic Games – Beijing (CHN) 2008 & London (ENG) 2012

2 World Cups – Rosario (ARG) 2010 & The Hague (NED) 2014

6 Champions Trophies – Quilmes (ARG) 2007, Monchengladbach (GER) 2008, Sydney (AUS) 2009, Nottingham (ENG) 2010, Amsterdam (NED) 2011, Rosario (ARG) 2012.

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