(Photo: FIH)

As we get just three short days away from opening day of the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014, we take a brief moment to hit the highlights of this year’s men’s and women’s spectacle in the Hague. Below are three of the many important highlights including brilliant numbers, a variety of hockey and the fact that it’s all happening in one place! 

3 Incredible numbers

This year's Rabobank Hockey World Cup is expected to be viewed by 386 million fans on television and a further one million watching via online YouTube streaming. The stadium at Kyocera holds 15,000 fans, while the Greenfields Stadium has space for 5,000 spectators meaning that over 14 competition days and 76 matches 250,000 ticket holders will file through the venue and surrounding Hockey Park. Add on that entering the World Cup FIH will have nearly 500,000 Facebook fans, 30,000 followers on Twitter and 8000 on Instagram to spread the news to!

2 A family occasion

The Hockey World Cup is a 16-day, 76-match showpiece. But it is not just the main event that will be taking place in The Hague. Masters and Grand Masters hockey will bring together 70 teams across the 40-65 age group, while a World Youth Tournament is also taking place. Not to be outdone, politicians and embassy staff are getting into the hockey spirit with an Embassy Tournament, pitching embassies – supplemented by ex-pats – against each other. There will also be the world's biggest beach hockey festival taking place at Scheveningen from 12-14 June. There will be no shortage of variety for the two weeks of hockey action.

1 Top hockey all in one place

This year sees the 13th edition of both the men’s and women’s Hockey World Cup, and in all that time, this is only the second time that the men's and women's event has been held at the same venue. The previous occasion was also in the Netherlands in the great city of Utrecht in 1998. The Australian men, who won in New Delhi, and the Argentinian women, who won in Rosario, will be looking to defend their 2010 World Cup titles.