Koji Kayukawa (r) is not happy with the 7th place.
Koji Kayukawa (r) is not happy with the 7th place.
(Photo: FIH)

Here is our daily 'pitch side ponderings' with Japan’s team-captain Koji Kayukawa. His Samurais defeated Poland 3-2 to finish seventh at the Pahang Hockey Champions Challenge 1 in Kuantan. 

Are you satisfied with finishing seventh at this tournament?
No, I’m not happy to finish seventh. We didn’t play a good tournament, we did not attack as we usually do and we seemed tired. We lost a few matches in the last minutes but it is good to see that we have improved throughout the tournament.

How do you like the weather conditions in Kuantan?
We are not used to play at these temperatures. So we are looking forward to go back to Japan where it is much colder.

What is special about the Samurais?
Normally our penalty corners and our style of attacking make us quite special. All of us are very proud to play for our country.