(Photo: Rodrigo Jaramillo todos los derechos reservados)

Here is our daily pitch-side ponderings with Shelley Russell, two-goal hero for South Africa in their 2-0 victory over Scotland.

 The South Africa side that started today looked a lot sharper than on other match days, why was that?

 We said that we really had to focus on the way we started the match. In the previous games it took us a while to get going so we said we would go out all guns blazing. Our warm-up was much sharper and we just went from the whistle.

How is the spirit in the South Africa camp?

Well we are really ecstatic about today's result, but we are a really close bunch of players anyway. I know it sounds like a cliche, but we really are like a big family. This year we will be spending at least 50 days together so it is really important that we all get on with each other. We are lucky because we genuinely do all get on together. 

You are going to be spending a lot of time in Glasgow with the Commonwealth's coming up. How do you like the city?

It's fantastic. Today is the first time it has really been cold, but even then it is a beautiful city. Our hotel is by the river Clyde and we go running there every day. I know we are really close to all the shops too, but we haven't had a chance to see them yet. I am really looking forwards to that though. Everyone has been really friendly to us here and we are really excited about coming back for the Commonwealth Games. I also think Glasgow is lucky for us. We won today, and I would like to think we can get a medal in the Commonwealths too. I'm being realistic about the World Cup – if we finished in the top six we would be ecstatic.