(Photo: FIH)

USA hockey has a new home that is genuinely world class and fulfils its developer's vision as a place where people who are passionate about hockey can gather. So impressed was FIH President Leandro Negre on a recent visit that he declared it was a place where he could "stay and never leave."

Leandro and FIH Chief Executive Officer Kelly Fairweather visited the new multi sport complex Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, PA, USA which also serves as the USA Field Hockey Home of Hockey. The complex is a 50-acre facility with multiple outside turfs and fields plus a 14-acre indoor sport venue building. Key to the development was the inclusion of an Olympic sport and hockey is a major sport in the north wast of the USA.

The developer, Sam Beiler, was formerly the owner of a highly successful pretzel company, and it was a combination of his business acumen and passion for sport that drove the project forward so it was completed in just two years.

During a visit to the facility, Leandro said: "This magnificent facility defies description. It is massive and meets the mantra Sam used as a mission statement. He wanted to create a one stop shop for people passionate about sport. There are first class sport venues of every type imaginable, restaurants, there will soon be a hotel on the complex, and top shelf customer service. Everything about The Nook is world class."

Kelly was also visibly impressed: "Not only are the venues top of the line, but the services are unlike any other venue I have visited. There is sports science with expert scientists; there is a prestigious orthopedic group on campus providing immediate sports medicine service; there is a chef on staff proving truly healthy nutritional choices; there are beautiful locker room facilities for the home team and up to three visiting teams; and there are two water based turfs..side by side...and one under a dome. I have never seen such a wonderful sports facility. I congratulate Sam for his vision, and look forward to USA Field Hockey's provision of this new home for significant international events as we move toward Rio."