Matthew Guest was chosen as Man of the Match.
Matthew Guest was chosen as Man of the Match.
(Photo: FIH)

Here our daily 'pitch side ponderings' with Canada’s Matthew Guest after his side's surprising 3-3 against Korea.

Matthew, congratulations on being selected as Man of the Match! You scored the equaliser in today’s 3-3 match with Korea. That result was a bit of a shock as Malaysia came into the tournament as hot favourites, so how do you feel right now?
It’s huge for us as we have played them three times in the last year and a half and now coming back from 3-1 down is huge. This is fantastic because this is a really important tournament for us as we build towards qualifying for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

What do you want to achieve in particular here at the Pahang Hockey Champions Challenge 1?
Our goal is to punch every match as it comes. The approach today was good because it gave us a point. Now we turn our attention to France tomorrow night, to hopefully give ourselves a better crossover when it gets to the final qualification rounds.

What is so special about Team Canada?
There is a lot special about us. We are a good group of guys, our country has a proud history of achieving a higher ranking perhaps than the participation levels in this sport in our country suggest we should. We don’t have a lot of people and not a lot of support either, it’s a small community. I think this makes it pretty special that we can qualify to play at World Cups or Olympic Games.