(Photo: Frank Uijlenbroek)

As any team doctor or physiotherapist will testify, keeping up-to-date with injury statistics, dietary supplements and cures for common illnesses could be the difference between your players performing to their potential or failing to even make the starting line-up. To address this issue, and to highlight some recent medical innovative work, FIH has teamed up with some experts in the field of sports medicine to offer a seminar on current medical issues.

All medical personnel, team doctors, physiotherapists and coaching staff who are interested in their player's medical welfare are invited to attend the FIH Medical Seminar on Nutrition and Health in Elite Hockey Players, which will take place during the Rabobank Hockey World Cup.

FIH Medical Seminar Information

When:       Wed. June 4, 2014; 8:30 – 17:00

Where:      World Hotel Bel Air (The Hague, Netherlands)

Cost:          € 75.—




The seminar, which will be held on 4 June at the World Hotel Bel Air in the Hague, will cover areas such as nutritional strategies and hydration before, during and after a hockey match; the effectiveness and potential risks of food supplements; how to structure a safe and effective warm-up and coping with Delhi Belly.

Two sessions which should challenge contemporary medical thoughts will be the session delivered by Dr. Frank.W. Bloemers on undetected eye abnormalities in elite athletes and a look at data released by FIH on injuries during major events. There will also be an update on the anti-doping code and injury statistics.

Peter Wefers Bettink, who is one of the seminar organisers said: "During the last 10 years I have been frequently asked if FIH could share its knowledge with other countries and the teams' medical staff. Now we have the budget, we can answer this call. Common questions include nutrition for elite athletes; the benefits of supplements, or potential contamination issues; and injury management. This is a chance to address such issues."