(Photo: FIH)

With tickets already sold out for many of the days at the Rabobank Hockey World Cup, you may have thought you had missed the boat. But for those people who want to catch some of the best hockey action live, there is another opportunity to buy tickets. 

All this weekend you will be able to purchase tickets, even for the finals and semi-finals, thanks to a new tranche of tickets being released by participating countries who have not sold their quota.

The tickets go on sale through SEE tickets on Saturday, 15 March from 9:00 am.

KNHB director, Johan Wakkie, said: "We have now sold around 125,000 tickets and it is expected that this number after this weekend will be substantially higher again! In addition to the tickets available to the public, there are also hospitality tickets available."

Click here to buy your tickets tommorrow morning.