Las Leoncitas
Las Leoncitas
(Photo: Prensa CAH)

Argentina named 18 players who will participate in Women’s ERGO Hockey Junior World Cup Mönchengladbach 2013. The group contains four players who have already made their debut in the Las Leonas squad. Jimena Cedrés, Florencia Habif, Agustina Albertario and Roberta Werthein are all part of the Leoncitas.

In Mönchengladbach Argentina have been drawn in Pool B together with Canada, South Africa and China.

Watch an interview with Antonella Brondello and Victoria Cabut by clicking here.


01-Monserrat, Sofia (Bs. As.)
02-Brondello, Antonella (Cordoba)
03-Gómez Fantasía, Julia (Bs. As.)
04-Habif, Agustina (Bs. As.)
05-Cabut, Victoria (Bs. As.)
06-Habif, Florencia (Bs. As.)
07-Fernandez Ladra, Magdalena (Bs. As.)
08-Metidieri, Agustina (Bs. As.)
09-Cedrés, Jimena (Bs. As.)
10-Correa, Mercedes (Bs. As.)
11-Sanguinetti, Lucia (Bs. As.)
12- Villarroya, Sofia (Litoral)
13- Werthein, Roberta (Bs. As.)
14-Albertario, Agustina (Bs. As.)
15- Granatto, Maria Jose (Bs. As.)
16- Romang, Pilar (Bs. As.)
17-Molina, Luciana (Mendoza)
18-Ravetta, Lara (Bs. As.)


Source material: CAH media release