The Canadian men's national team with "19th man" Johnny Chimp.
The Canadian men's national team with "19th man" Johnny Chimp.
(Photo: Field Hockey Canada)

Canada's Men's National Team (MNT) have arrived safely in Paris ahead of next week's World League 2 tournament. With the 18-member team is a unique 19th member: "Johnny" Chimp. The mascot represents the Canadian field hockey community which has pulled together to support the national teams in their Big Push campaign, with many donations coming through the Charitable Impact (Chimp) Foundation.

"We've never taken a mascot on tour with us before," said Canadian forward Mark Pearson. "But we feel Johnny is an important part of the team image we are trying to build. He embodies the connection that each of us has with the field hockey community back home. Without the support of the grassroots players, supporters and clubs back home, we wouldn't be here playing for Canada. Now when he's on the bench, we know that the entire Canadian field hockey community is there with us."

More information about this story, the Big Push and the Charitable Impact Foundation can be found by clicking here (External Link - Field Hockey Canada website). 

You can view photos of Johnny keeping the Canadian men's national team safe en route to Paris by clicking here (External link - MNT's Facebook Page) 

Source: Field Hockey Canada website