Jamie Dwyer was one of the international stars that gave a high five to the Hockey 5s
Jamie Dwyer was one of the international stars that gave a high five to the Hockey 5s
(Photo: FIH)

The Hong Kong Football club held its Hockey 6s tournament over Easter weekend and as part of the action, the top international stars took part in Hockey 5 matches as well to test the new format that will be used for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing.

Rain cancelled one of the three scheduled match days, but for the two days that were played, there was positive feedback from the organizers and full house of spectators. The games were played in three 10-minute periods on a smaller pitch which allowed for many goals to be on display.

The two games averaged more than 20 goals a game. With teams being allowed to score from anywhere on the pitch and high skill level of the players, it made for an exciting atmosphere.

FIH Executive Board member Michael Green was in Hong Kong for the series and shared his feedback, “Overall, the Hockey5 rules worked out very well. There were some nice changes and it was a good challenge for the players. There are still some areas that need to be monitored, for example the number of substitutions for the Youth Olympic Games, the length of the periods and whether or not there should be side boards to keep the ball in play.”

Owen Hughes, the organizer for the Hong Kong Football Club said the format was a hit, “The spectators really enjoyed the fast-paced action of the Hockey 5s format. With all the goals and the friendly atmosphere it was a very positive addition to the event.”

The results from the games, which were comprised of representatives from the respective countries and regions are below. The organizers gave each team a creative name to add to fun of the event.

Earth (Australia) beat Air (Holland) 15-8
Water (Great Britain) beat Fire (Asia) 12-8

Earth (Australia) beat Fire (Asia) 16-5
Air (Holland) beat Water (Great Britain) 10-8