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Women’s Competition

The Australian Under 21 women’s team, the Jillaroos were the first to qualify for July’s Women’s Junior World Cup, overcoming a determined New Zealand outfit in their three match test series.

The Jillaroos began their Junior World Cup Qualifiers (JWCQ) campaign in style with a 3-1 victory against New Zealand in Game 1. Star players Mariah Williams, Anna Flanagan and Madison Fitzpatrick converted to put the Kiwis on the back foot early.

Game 2 saw the Jillaroos continue their excellent form and achieve their goal of gaining automatic qualification into the Junior World Cup, by defeating New Zealand 4-1. Mariah Williams’ opening goal of the match was quickly followed by goals to Georgia Nanscawen, Murphy Allendrof and Madison Fitzpatrick.

A hard fought final match between the Trans-Tasman rivals saw the Jillaroos secure a clean sweep notching a 3-2 victory. Madison Fitzpatrick and Mariah Williams were again prolific, scoring for the Jillaroos in all three matches.

Game 1
Jillaroos 3 defeat New Zealand 1 (2-1 half time)
Goals: Mariah Williams (22m FG), Anna Flanagan (51m PS), Madison Fitzpatrick 64m PC)
Best: Lily Brazel, Ashlea Fey & Jane Claxton

Game 2
Jillaroos 4 defeat New Zealand 1 (1-0 half time)
Goals: Mariah Williams (20m PC), Georgia Nanscawen (37m FG), Murphy Allendorf (49m FG), Madison Fitzpatrick (59m PC)
Best: Mathilda Carmichael, Ashlea Fey & Brooke Peris

Jillaroos 3 defeat New Zealand 2 (2-1 half time)
Goals: Madison Fitzpatrick (10m PC), Mariah Williams (14m FG), Brooke Peris (53m FG)

Men’s Competition

The Australian men gained automatic qualification after defeating New Zealand in Sunday’s final, 4-2.

The Burras got their JWCQ campaign off to a flying start with a 28-nil victory over hockey mino, Vanuatu. The victory saw 12 Burras score a goal, including 10 to Justin Douglas. The match saw the Burras secure 85 circle penetrations and 24 shots on goal.

A tougher game 2 saw the Burras defeat New Zealand 4-2 and win their way through to the final. It was an inconsistent performance by the boys, expect for Matthew Dawson who was the stand out on the ground.

Heavy rain on Saturday caused the Burras match against Papua New Guinea to be called-off, allowing for the players to rest up before the final against New Zealand.

The first half of the final was an even contest with the Burras missing plenty of chances from their 15 circle penetrations to NZ’s 7. A much improved second half saw the Burras have 22 circle penetrations to 5 and produce 14 shots on goal. Blake Govers was the standout up forward scoring a hat trick and taking his goal scoring tally to 7 for the tournament.

Game 1
Burras 28 defeat Vanuatu 0 (18-0 half time)
Goals: 10 Justin Douglas, 4 Blake Govers, 3 Tyler Cowley, 2 Jack Elliott, 1 James Knee, Matthew Lim, Jeremy Hayward, Aidan Rintala, Simon Borger, Kane Posselt, Jayshaan Randhawa, Matthew Dawson.
Best: James Knee, Simon Borger, Justin Douglas, Matthew Lim

Game 2
Burras 4 defeat New Zealand 2 (3-1 half time)
Goals: Blake Govers (PC), Justin Douglas (FG), Jack Elliott (FG), James Knee (FG)
Best Players: Matt Dawson, James Knee, Justin Douglas, Andrew Butturini

Game 3
Burras 4 defeat New Zealand 2 (1-1 half time)
Goals: 3 Blake Govers (FG, FG, FG), James Knee (FG)

2013 Junior World Cup

Women: 7th Junior World cup, Monchengladbach, Germany - July 27-August 4

Men: 10th Junior World Cup, New Delhi, India - December 6-15

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