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There have been more changes to the Sahara WorldHockey Team Rankings after the completion of the Africa Cup of Nations and a decision to redistribute the points earned by Great Britain.

After the penalty stroke victory over Egypt in the men’s final of the Africa Cup of Nations, South Africa earned enough points to break into the top 10. Egypt’s second placing sent them falling two spots to 13th as they couldn’t defend the rankings points earned in 2003.

South Africa’s women consolidated 11th position and moved to within 15 points of 10-ranked USA after cruising through the African championship. Ghana, courtesy of a silver medal in Pretoria, rocketed up the rankings, improving by 15 spots to 22nd.

While the Africa Cup of Nations played a role in the new order of the rankings, a decision by the FIH Executive Board to redistribute the rankings points earned by Great Britain according to the number of representatives from each country also had an effect.

Since the rankings were established, England has gained all points awarded to Great Britain, but the new calculations take into account the number of representatives supplied by Scotland and Wales at major tournaments where rankings points are earned.

With three representatives each at the major tournaments that Great Britain contested during the rankings period, Scotland gained 3/16th (18.75%) of the men’s points and 3/18th (16.67) of the women’s points originally assigned to England.

The difference in the percentage of points comes about because Great Britain men qualified and competed in the Olympic Games (16 players), while the women only reached at the Olympic Qualifier, where 18 players were permitted for each team.

The Scottish men were the biggest beneficiaries, with an additional 63 rankings points helping them climb two places over China and European rivals Ireland into 20th position.

Scotland’s women did not receive enough points to move ahead of nearest team Russia, but an extra 42 points brought them to within 21 points of 16th position.

As a result of the readjustment, England’s men and women each lost one position on the rankings table. The men (with 64 less rankings points) fell out of the top 10 into 11th, while the women dropped below Korea into 9th after losing 42 points.