Egypt took the outright lead at the men’s Africa Cup of Nations with a 2-1 win over Nigeria in Pretoria.

Only two matches were contested in a quiet day four, with the women’s competition enjoying a rest day before their last preliminary round matches tomorrow.

Egypt’s narrow win ended Nigeria chances of forcing their way into the top two and their hopes of a spot at the BDO Hockey World Cup. It also guaranteed that Egypt will finish no lower than second and face South Africa in the final.

In the other match, Edward Oblie scored a hat trick as Ghana recorded their first win of the tournament with a 5-0 drubbling of Namibia.

The winner of the Africa Cup of Nations earns direct entry into the World Cup in Monchengladbach, Germany, next September, while the runner-up gets a second chance via the World Cup Qualifier in Changzhou City, China, in April 2006.

In the women’s competition, South Africa leads the points table, with their opponent in the final to be decided after tomorrow’s round.

Results – Day 4
Egypt 2 defeated Nigeria 1
Goals: EGY - Okwudili Menyei PC 28m, Adnan Elsayed PC 33m, Sameh Metwaly PC 53m

Ghana 5 defeated Namibia 0
Goals: GHA - Gad Oblitey PC 7m,  Edward Oblie FG 30m FG 36m PS 51m, Elikem Akaba FG 69m

Points Tables
Egypt 10 points
South Africa 7
Nigeria 3
Ghana 3
Namibia 0

South Africa 6
Ghana 2
Nigeria 1
Namibia 1

Match Schedule
Thursday 6 October
Namibia v Nigeria, 14:30
South Africa v Ghana, 16:30

Friday 7 October
Ghana v Nigeria, 14:30
South Africa v Namibia, 16:30

Saturday 8 October
3 v 4, 13:30
1 v 2, 18:30

3 v 4, 11:00
1 v 2, 16:00

Results - Day 1
Egypt 4 defeated Ghana 2
Goals: EGY - Sameh Metwaly PC 3m PC 57m, Mohamed Sameer PC 27m PC 38m; GHA - Joseph Appiah PC 29m, Daniel Lamptey PC 70m

South Africa 5 defeated Nigeria 0
Goals: RSA - Ian Symons PC 27m PC 38m, Gareth Carr PC 48m, Steve Phillips FG 55m FG 56m

Results - Day 2
Ghana 1 drew Nigeria 1
Goals: GHA - Greta Aryeetey FG 39m; NIG - Christy Agbo FG 60m

South Africa 9 defeated Namibia 0
Goals: RSA - Candice Forword FG 18m, Henna du Buisson PC 28m, Dalean de Kock PC 35m, Kate Hector PC 35m PC 66m PC 70m, Tarryn Bright FG 38m, Lindsey Carlisle PC 42m, Marsha Marescia FG 54m

Egypt 7 defeated Namibia 2
Goals: EGY - Sayed El Shahat FG 9m FG 38m, Sameh Metwaly PC 34m PC 47m, Mahmoud Farouk PC 40m, Ahmed Ezz PC 68m, Ahmed Said FG 69m; NAM - Heinrich Swartbooi FG 16m, Reagon Graig FG 55m

South Africa 4 defeated Ghana 0
Goals: RSA - Steve Phillips FG 2m, Ian Symons PC 12m, Lungile Tsolekile FG 20m, Darren Gallagher PC 55m

Results - Day 3
Nigeria 4 defeated Namibia 2
Goals: NIG – Okwudili Menyei PC 12m, Auwalu Lamido FG 20m FG 49m, Sunday Ogodogun FG 57m; NAM – Andre Botha PS 46m FG 48m

Egypt 1 drew South Africa 1
Goals: EGY – Sameh Metwaly PC 40m; RSA – Steve Phillips FG 58m

Ghana 0 drew Namibia 0

South Africa 13 defeated Nigeria 0
Goals: RSA – Henna du Buisson FG 9m FG 10m PC 35m, Candice Forword FG 19m FG 56m, Tsoanelo Pholo PS 22m, Tarryn Bright PS 47m PC 48m, Kate Hector PC 50m, Dalean de Kock FG 53m, Marcelle Keet FG 60m, Nita van Jaarsveld PC 64m, Lesley-Anne George PS 66m