(Photo: FIH / Rodrigo Jaramillo)
Ireland stayed unbeaten at the Ireland Electric FIH Champions Challenge 1 after a 1-1 tie against Spain.

Ireland was the lowest-seeded team entering the tournament, but they will enter Thursday’s quarterfinal as the top team after winning Group B with two wins and a today’s tie.

With six points, Ireland had first place in Group B secured entering the game, so that might have played a part in a less-than action-filled first half. Ireland applied steady pressure, but couldn’t find the goal. Spain’s best chance of the half came on a penalty corner, but it too missed the mark as the teams settled for a 0-0 draw at the break.

The second half started with penalty corner chances for both sides. Indirectly it was a penalty corner that led to Spain’s 1-0 goal. After failed Irish penalty corner, Spain had a full-field breakaway leading to a two-on-none chance which they easily converted for the 1-0 lead.

The lead stood for less than two minutes as Ireland quickly put in the tying goal when Emma Clarke struck with picture-perfect play.

The tie gives Spain its second point of the tournament, but it was still not enough to bump them out of fourth place in the group. Spain will take on top-seeded South Africa in the quarterfinal, while Ireland will face the Americans in its quarterfinal.