(Photo: FIH)

On May 14-15, the FIH Youth Challenge 2011 took place. This global annual event, which was held for the 11th time, invited National Hockey Associations from all over the world to focus on Youth and its development.

Central theme of this year’s Youth Challenge was “Age Fit”, inviting NAs to focus on age specific coaching - appropriate to the age group, suiting the physical and mental capabilities of a certain age.

Each Association was sent an AGE FIT booklet outlining the player characteristics and needs of the different target groups which assisted in creating a wonderful and useful AGE FIT event.

NAs reporting on the event competed for one of the FIH stick packages consisting of 100 sticks each.

FIH President Leandro Negre said “It’s important to stimulate age appropriate coaching to give every youth player in the world a challenging experience which keeps them in the game for life. The Youth Challenge is an excellent platform to promote this. Being a FIH branded event it helps NAs reaching local and national media coverage, which raises the profile of hockey in their countries. This can only be good for our global hockey community”.

Reports and pictures of the event can be found on the FIH Youth page, which see by clicking here