(Photo: © FIH)
Four hundred children in the age group 9-12 have contributed greatly to the lively atmosphere at the FIH Indoor World Cup 2011. 24 girls and 24 boys teams from all over Poland came to Poznan to play a youth competition and to cheer for one of the participating teams that was assigned to them.

The tournament started on the 8th February and finished with the competition finals on the 12th. The winners were:

- 9-10 year old boys:  USA (Batagany Kubianka)
- 11-12 year old boys:  Australia (UKH Osemka Tarnowski Gory)
- 9-10 year old girls:  Poland (Plejada Nysa)
- 11-12 year old girls:   Ukraine (KSH Start Bneziny)

After the matches there was time for training sessions, signatures and getting to know some of the players from senior national team that the children were representing. The men’s national teams of England and Poland provided a coaching clinic, while Iran brought presents and shirts for the young team that was playing under their name in the youth tournament.

The yongsters stayed in indoor halls of neighboring schools and were transported each morning to the Poznan International Fair world cup venue, where they had breakfast, lunch and dinner. The whole event was organized by the Polish Youth Panel under the leadership of Mateusz Grochal, a successful young leader who participated in the FIH Youth Promoters Festival in Monchengladbach last year.

Congratulations to the Polish Youth Panel and to PHA, profiling hockey as a sport for all ages and levels and for them to involve young people in their organisation.