London has won the race to host the 2012 Olympic Games in a vote by the International Olympic Committee in Singapore today. 

The announcement was made by IOC President Dr Jacques Rogge, with London edging Paris by just four votes to win the right to host the Olympic Games for the third time. 

After Moscow, New York and Madrid bowed out of the race in successive votes, London emerged victorious over favourite Paris by 54-50 in the vote by the 104 eligible IOC members. IOC members from countries bidding cities were unable to vote until (or if) that city was eliminated from the race. 

While the decision on the Olympic host city for 2012 has grabbed the headlines, the most important vote for hockey occurs on Friday, when the programme for the Games in London is decided. 

Each of the 28 Olympic summer sports must get more than 50 percent of a vote by all IOC members in order to maintain their status on the Olympic programme.