(Photo: FIH)

Antonio von Ondarza, Vice-President of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and President of the Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF), received the individual Spirit of Sport Award 2010 of Sportaccord in Dubai.


Von Ondarza was given the award for his lifelong commitment to hockey and sport in general. Through his dedication and humanitarian spirit, he has made an exceptional and lasting contribution to the pursuit of sports excellence, sportsmanship, sport for all and other legacies directing and nurturing sports as major contributor to the better society and world piece.


As an FIH Vice-President, Antonio von Ondarza played an instrumental role in helping the creation of a new unified hockey governing body in India, in negotiating and assisting with the election process of Hockey India. He helped the FIH in its efforts to revitalize hockey in India. This is a major priority for the FIH since, until 1972, India has been a medalist in every single Olympic Games, while for the first time in its history, it did not qualify for the Beijing Olympics. At the same time, he played a key role in the setup of a joint venture with the India Olympic Association to organize the FIH Hero Honda World Cup Men in Delhi taking place in March 2010.


Von Ondarza is FIH Vice-President since 1988 and President of the PAHF since 1987.