(Photo: © FIH)

Returning from Beijing, umpire Minka Woolley has announced her retirement from International hockey after a very successful umpiring career at the top level. 

Hockey Australia would like to congratulate her on a great career as a top level umpire and for her significant contribution to hockey in Australia.

Minka started her International career in 1995 and has capped it off by umpiring at the Beijing Olympics. Minka said that her hockey ride has been an incredible one and that umpiring has allowed her to see the best players in the world compete and to meet some wonderful people, who will remain life long friends. 

“I would like to mention the great support I have received from Hockey Tasmania and Hockey Australia and in particular, Jan Hadfield, who has been a wonderful support and mentor over the years. It was also great having Julie Ashton Lucy and Lisa Roach on the 'Beijing team' this year along with David Gentles, and Murray Grime.”

Minka’s career highlights include: 

  • Umpiring at both the 2004 Athens & 2008 Beijing Olympics  
  • Umpiring the 2004 Athens semi final between Argentina & the Netherlands. 
  • Umpiring the bronze medal game at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
  • Umpiring her first AHL final in Hobart with fellow umpire Lisa Roach.

Minka has learnt from the best in the business and intends to take some of that experience back to her home state. She is interested in becoming an umpire manager and will continue to umpire and work locally with Tasmania’s developing umpires, encouraging them to 'dream big' because anything is possible!

Source: Hockey Australia