Euro Hockey League is pleased to announce that the venue for Round 2/3 of the inaugural season of Euro Hockey League will be Club Egara, and it has been decided to hold all 12 matches of Round 2/3 at this host's magnificent facilities.

Club Egara is a traditional Spanish club situated in Terrassa near Barcelona and is proud to look back on 72 years of history. Having started out as a football and hockey club, the club today disposes of hockey, golf, tennis, horseback riding, fitness, and bridge sections, and recently presented brand-new, premium facilities for its members that also include indoor and outdoor pools, a full-service spa, and a restaurant and bar.

In the four-day Round 2/3 event at Club Egara, 16 clubs in Round 2 on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 March 2008 will battle for places in Round 3. The eight winners go on to play the quarter-finals of Euro Hockey League 2007/8, with 2 quarter-final matches on Sunday 23 March and two more on Monday 24 March. The winners of these four matches will be the participants of the final Euro Hockey League tournament, to be played at a venue in the Netherlands on 10 and 11 May 2008.

For impressions from the venue for Euro Hockey League’s Round 2/3 event, please visit the official EHL website

Euro Hockey League is also happy to announce that the date and time for the draw for Round 2 and onwards have been fixed for 19 December  18:00 (CET). The draw will be done in a never-before-seen, interactive, all-online format with participants coming together virtually only.

Source: EHL