(Photo: FIH)

After the International Hockey Federation (FIH) appointed India in March 2007 as possible organizer of the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup, major progress has been made. The FIH and the Indian Hockey Confederation (IHC) both agreed in principle to host this important event in New Delhi in February 2010.

The organization of the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup will be a joint venture between the FIH and the IHC. A Governing Board of 6-8 persons appointed by the FIH and the IHC will have the overall responsibility for the organization of the World Cup. An organizing committee will be responsible for the ‘day to day’ organization and conduct of the event. The chairperson of this organizing committee will also be member of the Governing Board.

Since the visit of IOC President Jacques Rogge and FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman in India in April 2007, further progress in the structure of Indian Hockey was made. The success of the project ‘Promoting Indian Hockey‘, a project of the FIH in cooperation with the Indian Hockey Confederation, the Indian Olympic Association and Olympic Solidarity (IOC), also had its positive influence on awarding the 2010 Hockey World Cup to India. There will also be an excellent exposure opportunity for a commercial title sponsor of this event and discussions with potential candidates are already underway.

Many other organizations in India showed their support to the IHC. The Indian Olympic Association, the Sports Authority of India, the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the organizing committee of the 2010 Commonwealth Games (to be held in New Delhi, India in October 2010) all expressed their contribution.

The FIH is excited at the prospect of an outstanding World Cup and looks forward to working closely with the IHC to achieve the greatest possible success for all interested parties especially with the new structure of organizing this major event.

The FIH Executive Board will meet in New Delhi, India in November 2007. One of the major agenda points of the second meeting of the FIH Executive Board in 2007 will be the progress report of the organization of the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup. It will be the first time in hockey history that the FIH Executive Board meets in India.