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2012 Mens Olympic Games

London, England - July 30 - August 11, 2012
Local time is 10:13am

Australia v Pakistan

Pool A

# Info Date Teams Score Status Match Sheet
August 7th, 2012
26 Pool A 10:45am Australia AUS - PAK Pakistan 7 - 0 (4 - 0) Final    

Match Report

Anything could still happen in Pool A, with four teams in contention for a semi-final spot (Australia, Great Britain, Pakistan and Spain) depending on the results on this last day of pool play.

Australia were prompt to stake their claim on the match, earning a penalty-corner within 4 minutes of play. Liam De Young picked up the rebound from the goalkeeper after the initial shot by Christopher Ciriello and managed to slip the bouncing ball in goal in a narrow angle. Less than a minute later, Mark Knowles added an unstoppable penalty-stroke under the crossbar and Pakistan were suddenly looking into a two-goal deficit with the match hardly started.

Imran Shah was kept busy in the Pakistani goal, while it took a while for Nathan Burgers to see any action at the other end. Australia were pressuring the Pakistani midfield very high on the pitch, preventing their attempts to develop any attack and reducing them to try and use tentative high balls.

Christopher Ciriello added a goal on another penalty-corner late in the period, then a forth one after a poor clearance by the Pakistani defense, and the Australians went into the half-time break with a comfortable 4-goal lead while the Pakistani team seemed at a loss to find a solution to threaten the Australian circle.

The same pattern prevailed in second period, with Australia having immediately another chance on penalty-corner. Ciriello’s flick was this time way too high but it did not take long for Russell Ford to score the 5th Australian goal with a spectacular shot high in the opposite corner at the end of a long run. Jamie Dwyer added a 6th goal, Glenn Turner a last one, and there was not much that Pakistan could do to prevent the Kookaburas from cruising to spectacular 7-0 victory, establishing a +18 goal difference that pretty much insured them top spot in Pool A, as Great Britain would now have to score 13 goals against Spain to overtake them.

(Yan Huckendubler)

Match Review

Imran SHAH (PAK)

On the 7-0 defeat: "Australia are the number one team and it was very hard against them today. It's hard against players like (Jamie) DWYER who's very experienced. They as a team are very physical, very strong and made some good hits. There's a big difference in styles of play and we can't play like them. We have good days and bad days, today was bad."

On the future of Pakistan's inexperienced team: "I hope we can win our next game. We've got young players, so hopefully we can create a new team after this (Olympic Games), new chances and get back our country's support."

Shakeel ABBASI (PAK)

On losing the match against Australia:"We are very disappointed. This was a crucial game for us, we would have made the semifinal if we had won. It was such a crucial moment."

On why they lost the match: "We lack experience, especially in midfield and attack. In some games our defence was also very weak. We have some experienced players, which helped us against some teams, but Australia is so much more experienced."

On the classification matches: "For me, the classifications are not really important, to play for seventh or eighth place. But maybe for our ranking it is important, so we will go all-out."

Sohail ABBAS (PAK)

On the defeat by Australia: "Australia are the best in the world and we tried to rush up and get goals. It was unfortunate for us at the beginning of the match, we conceded goals and that was a critical turning point. A team like Australia, once they start scoring goals, they keep coming. They (Australia) played really good hockey and that's good for them. As far as I'm concerned we also had chances but unfortunately we couldn't convert them."

On their classification match on Wednesday: "We always want to give our best in every game. It doesn't matter who the match is against. We will try to do our best, that is the only thing we can do."

Christopher CIRIELLO (AUS)

On his performance: "It was about on par, as I'm sure Ric (CHARLESWORTH - coach) will tell me later on. There was a few good things, but still a lot of improvement needed; chasing back and on some of my tackles, that's what he hounds me on all the time."

On the Australia supporters in the crowd: "It would be nice if they were all sitting together, I think we'd take up a quarter of a stand. Everyone's families are here, I've got about 12 people come over to watch me play, which is really nice. It would be good to put a smile on their faces."

On semi-final opponents Germany: "We've played five or six games against Germany. We do have quite a good history against Germany, they're really good at what they do; passing it around. We just need to follow through and take our opportunities."


On the team's performance: "I think we needed a result. We played pretty well, like we have the last few games, we were just keen to go out there and put in a similar performance. Today we were more ruthless, put in a few more goals, which ends the result earlier than in the previous games."

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Live Blogging
August 07th, 2012 at 4:37 am Pool A match between Australia and Pakistan just about to start at the Riverbank Arena in London
August 07th, 2012 at 4:38 am Umpires for AUS vs. PAK are Gary SIMMONDS (RSA) and Christian BLASCH (GER)
August 07th, 2012 at 4:38 am Australia have so far won against South Africa (6-0) and Spain (5-0), then tied with Argentina (2-2) and Great Britain (3-3)
August 07th, 2012 at 4:39 am Pakistan have so far won against Argentina (2-0) and South Africa, tied with Spain (1-1) but lost to Great Britain (1-4)
August 07th, 2012 at 4:40 am Anything can still happen in Pool A, with 4 teams still in contention for a semi-final spot (AUS, GBR, PAK and ESP)
August 07th, 2012 at 4:51 am Liam De Young scores an early goal for Australia on penalty-corner. AUS-PAK: 1-0
August 07th, 2012 at 4:53 am Mark Knowles adds a penalty-stroke for AUS one minute after their first goal! AUS-PAK: 2-0 after 6 minutes of play!
August 07th, 2012 at 5:18 am Christopher Ciriello adds a penalty-corner on a penalty-corner. AUS-PAK: 3-0
August 07th, 2012 at 5:25 am 4th goal just before halftime, again by Christopher Ciriello. AUS-PAK: 4-0
August 07th, 2012 at 5:43 am Russell Ford scores the 5th one for Australia with a spectacular shot high in the opposite corner at the end of a long run
August 07th, 2012 at 5:49 am Jamie Dwyer adds a 6th goal! They are certainly working on their goal-difference. AUS-PAK: 6-0
August 07th, 2012 at 6:12 am Glenn Turner adds a 7th goal for Australia!. AUS-PAK: 7-0. They are nearly insured of 1st spot in Pool A
KOR v NED (Pool B) ARG v RSA (Pool A)


Team Pld W D L GD Pts
Pool A
Australia  AUS 5 3 2 0 18 11
Great Britain  GBR 5 2 3 0 6 9
Spain  ESP 5 2 2 1 -2 8
Pakistan  PAK 5 2 1 2 -7 7
Argentina  ARG 5 1 1 3 -4 4
South Africa  RSA 5 0 1 4 -11 1
Pool B
Netherlands  NED 5 5 0 0 11 15
Germany  GER 5 3 1 1 3 10
Belgium  BEL 5 2 1 2 1 7
Korea  KOR 5 2 0 3 1 6
New Zealand  NZL 5 1 2 2 -4 5
India  IND 5 0 0 5 -12 0


Aug 11, 2012
RSA South Africa
India IND
ESP Spain
Belgium BEL
AUS Australia
Great Britain GBR
GER Germany
Netherlands NED
May 24, 2015 10:13am
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